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Dental Cleanings & Prevention for Healthy Smiles in Fresno

little girl learning how to brush teethDr. Simerdeep Gill is committed to helping individuals and families of all ages achieve lasting oral health. As your trusted family dentist, she and her skilled team provide preventive dentistry services designed to help you and your loved ones enjoy healthy, beautiful smiles.

We provide care to those living or working in Fresno, Clovis, and Marlo Gardens using advanced technology and proven treatments. Are you looking for an experienced dentist who focuses on your health first? Contact us to schedule your appointment today!


What Preventative Treatments Do You Offer?

We provide services that are designed to help protect smiles, prevent disease, and preserve oral health.

woman smiling at homeOur services include:

Why Prevention Matters

Our team believes in the importance of keeping your teeth and gums healthy. At Simerdeep Gill, DDS, we don’t simply fix problems; we do everything we can to protect your smile and keep problems from developing in the first place.

5 Benefits of Preventive Dental Care

When you pair strong oral hygiene with regular visits to the dentist, it goes a long way toward achieving a lasting and functional smile. Below are five benefits you can expect from professional treatment and diligent at-home care.

  1. Improved oral health – Regular dental visits make it easier for the dentist to catch issues early and stop them from progressing, helping your smile look and feel healthier.
  2. More comfortable treatment – A healthy smile typically means faster, more effective, and less invasive treatment.
  3. Better savings – Good oral health often means fewer procedures and lower dental expenses.
  4. Fresher breath – A smile free of decay and disease typically stays fresher for longer.
  5. Better confidence – Beautiful smiles are healthy smiles. Improved dental appeal can also help you feel more confident.

Your Prevention Appointment at Simerdeep Gill DDS

male patient awaiting treatment at dental chairIf you are new to our Fresno dental office, your visit begins with a full series of digital x-rays. We use this technology to gain precise images and review the health of your teeth, roots, gums, and jaws.

Your consultation is a personalized conversation between yourself and our team. We take the time to discuss all aspects of your smile and oral health. This also includes answering your questions, addressing concerns, and helping to minimize anxiety.

We then perform a thorough exam of your smile, checking everything from your teeth and gums to your jaws, head, and neck. We often complete your appointment with a professional dental cleaning.

Why Do I Need Hygiene Examinations Every Six Months?

It is recommended by the American Dental Association, and by our team, that you have your smile examined and your teeth cleaned every six months. This allows our team to create a comprehensive record and better understand your oral health history. When we know your history, we can identify dental health patterns and changes in your smile. Exams also provide a way to catch problems before they develop into serious complications.

What to Expect from Your Dental Exam

little girl getting her teeth examined in dental officeFirst, our dentist looks for any issues involving your teeth. These include looking for signs of tooth decay, damage, and wear. If you have dental restorations, Dr. Gill also examines them to make sure they are secure and free of chips or cracks.

Next, she examines your gums for signs of disease, such as irritation or bleeding. We will also examine the pockets around your tooth roots. Finally, our x-rays allow us to see below your gum line to search for issues that may be in the early stages of development.

Our dental office is equipped with various high-tech dental tools to ensure a thorough exam. We also visually check for symptoms of oral cancer and check jaw function for signs of strain caused by TMJ disorders.

What to Expect from Your Dental Cleanings

woman getting a dental cleaning in dental officeProfessional dental cleanings help protect your smile by doing what at-home brushing and flossing cannot. We use special dental tools to remove plaque and hardened tartar from your teeth, including below the gum line. We also floss gently between each tooth and rinse away any debris from your smile. These steps help to reduce your chances of decay and gum disease.

We can also help remove pesky surface stains with a polishing. This also smooths out your enamel, leaving your teeth feeling fresh and looking great. For additional protection, we can provide a final fluoride or sealant treatment to promote healthy enamel.

What if I Do Have Gum Disease?

If we detect gum disease, we can schedule you for a deep cleaning known as tooth scaling and root planing. Tooth scaling removes toxic plaque, tartar, and other by-products of gum disease from your enamel both below and above the gum line. Root planing smooths the tooth roots after they have been thoroughly cleaned of plaque and infection. We perform this procedure using our Cavitron ultrasonic scaler. This allows us to provide thorough yet comfortable treatment.

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Our team provides preventive dentistry to ages one to 100. When you visit Simerdeep Gill, DDS, you and your loved ones can expect a positive experience on every visit. Dr. Gill and our compassionate team are dedicated to helping you achieve your most beautiful and healthiest smile yet. Contact our Fresno team for preventive and general dental care you can trust!


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