Periodontal Disease Treatment in Fresno 

The total health of your smile is essential to your overall well-being. It’s important to not just care for your teeth, but your gums as well. Dr. Simerdeep Gill provides periodontal disease treatment in Fresno to maintain the health of his patients’ smiles.  Root scaling and planing, as well as maintenance, can keep periodontal disease at bay and restore the health of your gums. 

Signs and Symptoms of Gum Disease

Gum disease is categorized into three stages: gingivitis, periodontitis, and advanced periodontitis. Visiting our Fresno dentist for twice-yearly appointments can catch initial symptoms of gum disease early, enabling him to properly treat and prevent further advancement of the disease. However, if you haven’t gotten a professional cleaning or a visited the dentist for some time, keep in mind these symptoms:

- Red and swollen gums
- Consistent bad breath
- Bleeding while brushing and flossing
- Receding gum lines

Patients who do not floss daily may be susceptible to developing gum disease. Advanced periodontitis is characterized by receding gum lines, loosened teeth, and weakened jaw bone density. During this stage, extraction may be necessary to save your oral health but will affect your smile aesthetics, alignment, and bite function. The bacteria that cause gum disease can enter the blood stream, impacting the overall body’s health.  

Initial signs of gum disease can be difficult to diagnose, Dr. Simerdeep Gill and our experienced hygienists can assess your smile and determine necessary treatments to maintain your oral health. 

Treating Gum Disease in Fresno

One way to prevent minor symptoms of gum disease is a diligent at-home care routine, flossing once and brushing twice daily. If not done properly, leftover debris and plaque promotes gum disease. At our dental practice in Fresno, we can treat moderate issues by providing root scaling and planning as well as maintenance to retain your gum health. For extensive procedures to treat gum disease, Dr. Simerdeep Gill refers you to trusted specialists in the field so that you receive the best care possible. 

Deep Cleanings

Root scaling and planing is the recommended treatment option for mild to moderate gum disease. This treatment is done in quadrants and can take up to four appointments, this is done to ensure your comfort while in the chair. A topical numbing agent is applied, but the treatment does not feel much different than a standard cleaning. Our hygienists remove deep-set debris and plaque from below the gum line and smooth the roots of teeth to prevent re-occurrence of bacteria. 

Periodontal Disease Maintenance

To maintain healthy gums, we schedule patients for appointments over the course of three to six months to treat and cure gum disease. During these check-ups, Dr. Simerdeep Gill and our hygienists will monitor the health status of your gums, teeth, and bone to ensure you are healing properly and free of infection. 

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